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Latest Updates

Merger has moved to the UAE! In 2023 Merger had decided to be in the most diverse and buzzing place on the panet


Merger is currently working with designers, consultants and partners to produce the perfect App. We anticipate:

  • Android version will be available and launched on google play store in May 2024

  •  IOS version will be launched on apple store in May 2024

New Features Added

We have developed new features

Inclusion of 4 languages

  • Japanese 

  • Chinese (Mandarin)

  • German

  • Spanish

Man Trying App
Using a Touch Phone

Our coins vision

Most social media platforms have created a culture of counting likes and comments. People believe this makes you popular!

Our app will allow users to give and receive coins. 

Each coin represents a value

We are working on a feature to allow users to spend or exchange coins with restaurants, bars, retailers and sports companies.

Merger Influencer

Do you want the chance to earn shares, bonuses and royalties ? 

We are recruiting Merger Influencer's who will grow organic subscribers. 

The more subscriptions achieved equals more rewards, and as the company grows so does the value of your rewards.

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App Updates : App Updates
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