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Get up, get out and get Social

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The social media world we know is no longer social, it is just a means to keep you glued to a screen watching advertisements after advertisements.

You may have hundreds or thousands of friends on all social media platforms but many of us still find ourselves alone. This is nothing to be ashamed of, most people have met less than 5% of their Social Media friends!


Social media has not evolved until now!


Merger is the new post COVID-19 social media solution as it will enable you to connect with current social media friends and meet new ones on the upcoming app. 


The merger app will have functions such as #merger-munch #merger-active #merger-matches #merger-coins and #merger-love.

Get up, get out and get social

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Features List​​

  • Live interactive map- see compatible users near you in real time

  • Set up or join a breakfast, coffee, lunch, dinner or drinks

  • Find users that like the same sports, connect and go

  • Create a profile, find people just like you and match for new friends

  • Find love- say goodbye to players and catfish

  • Leave reward coins 

Find new and current friends nearby

Its time you start really connecting and enjoying your life...... 

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Got Questions? We’re Here to Help.

I’ve seen other Apps that serve similar purposes. What makes yours unique?

Our app will be designed to enable a healthier social life, reduce loneliness and nudge you to be more active. Our systems are designed to match people based on profiles to identify compatible friendships. This will create meaningful relationships that last and improve your work/life balance. We are not just a means for advertisement and our subscribers will not be scrolling through endless videos, memes and posts.

What if there are no people in my area on the app?

This is one of our most fundamental challenges, to raise enough users that you will always have social opportunities near you. This will of course take time, we have targets to increase users annually. We will be launching an advertisement campaign shortly to increase awareness of the app Globally.

It all sounds great, but what does this App actually do?

We are creating the app for multi user purposes, the app can be used by individuals to increase interaction post COVID19 world.



The information you add will enable you to Match with other users with our unique personality and activity % matching feature. You can set the minimum match % in your profile builder- select male or female only and much more

Finally a dating function called Merger-love will be added that will put a stop to the fake profile problem that exist on current dating apps. Most dating apps are not linked to other Social media platforms. Our App will be, and by doing so will prevent married, fake and ghost profiling. Merger-love is designed for business professionals.

It will also provide a springboard for businesses to increase revenue by listing their companies on the app. We are not talking about generic businesses selling junk, our App will be targeted to improve our users experience by adding restaurants, fitness classes, societies and various local attractions.

Other features include Recruiters merged. This will enable recruiters to match with executive professionals in the area and engage via coffee or lunch to explore employment opportunities. 

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