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Merger Global Ltd have developed a new app that is designed to maximise people’s social life balance.


We understand good friendships are difficult to find, let alone keep. This is why we designed a way to identify compatibility between users and combine this theme in various app features.


We give you the tool to see recommended compatible friends nearby and develop long lasting relationships.


With a personality and an activity compatibility % you can choose to go for food, coffee, drinks or be adventurous and choose a sport, hobby or interest you have in common!


We will even recommend the place that’s convenient and nearest for you both.


What are you waiting for? Find your compatibility and long lasting friendships for maximising your social life.

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  • Live interactive map- see compatible users near you in real time

  • Set up or join a breakfast, coffee, lunch, dinner or drinks

  • Find users that like the same sports, connect and go

  • Create a profile, find people just like you and match for new friends

  • Find love- say goodbye to players and catfish

  • Leave reward coins 

Merger Match

matching people with personality and activity % compatibility

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Merger Maps

Merger Maps is a live interactive maps feature that shows people nearby in your city

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Find new and current friends nearby

Its time you start really connecting and enjoying your life...... 

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Our Merger coins collections

“why give likes when you can give coins”

Categories of coins

Coins Colours

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Thanks for submitting!

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