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Introducing Merger

An app designed for professional's and genuine people meet find new friendships. 

Are you a regular business traveler, a new expat, recently relocated or started a new job in the big city? 

Moving away from home can be lonely, and its hard to find people by chance. 

Our Features


Merger Active

Merger active is a feature that allows users to meet new people with the same interests as you, get together and play sports, activities, hobbies, see tourist attractions, go to the cinema and more.............

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Merger Maps

Merger Maps is a live interactive maps feature that shows people nearby in your city.

Click on a user and see your personality and activity compatibility % , then send a merge request! 

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Merger Match

Our app algorithms will identify and suggest your:

  • Top 10 compatible users near you

  • New Users 

  • Suggested users

Find compatible users that have similar personalities, sports and food interests.

Merger Munch

A fantastic feature for meeting other users to go for breakfast, coffee, lunch, dinner or drinks.

You don't have to eat alone or at your work desk any more!

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The best investment you can make to find your compatible friends

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Our Merger coins collections

“Why give likes when you can give coins”

Categories of coins

Coins Colours

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Thanks for submitting!

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