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Merger Global Ltd have developed a new app that is designed to maximise people’s social life balance.


We understand good friendships are difficult to find, let alone keep. This is why we designed a way to identify compatibility between users and combine this theme in various app features.


We give you the tool to see recommended compatible friends nearby and develop long lasting relationships.


With a personality and an activity compatibility % you can choose to go for food, coffee, drinks or be adventurous and choose a sport, hobby or interest you have in common!


We will even recommend the place that’s convenient and nearest for you both.


What are you waiting for? Find your compatibility and long lasting friendships for maximising your social life.

OUr History

Merger began as the Founder and CEO had travelled over 40 countries around the World alone, the idea was created whilst eating dinner alone in the Shangri La in Sydney rocks 2018. 

"Having spent 6 months travelling some of the most amazing cities in the world i realised that doing it alone is not much fun, finishing work and eating in the hotel room just because i didnt want to eat alone in the restaurant. I was going to see the sites, attractions and tourist themes alone, and i thought.... imagine if i could connect with other travellers just like me and do it together."

The concept is simple, a social media app that is actually social. We have hundreds or thousands of connections on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, WeChat and Watsapp yet never physically meet up with them.

Find Friends not followers!

Our Future

Merger Global Ltd is a company with a vision


To connect people and impact lives in a positive way, we want to enhance your social life and happiness.  

We will make a commitment to driving a positive change in mental health awareness, reduce global loneliness , depression, anxiety and suicide.

We will remain committed to Global Environmental and sustainability impacts by setting responsible goals. 

We are looking for like minded people to join the Merger movement and grow our brand globally. 

If you are interested in becoming a Merger Influencer then get in touch.

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